Monday, April 15, 2024

The World’s Spiciest Chip Is Covered In ‘Carolina Reaper Dust,’ Sold One At A Time

For whatever reason, there are a bunch of people who are totally getting off on eating the Carolina Reaper, the hottest chip on the planet, according to Guinness (it measures in at over 1.5 million on the Scoville scale). And no matter how hard they try to keep it together or how much milk they drink, they ultimately regret their decision.

For example:

Two girls, one momentary lapse in judgment.

Two guys, one named Chili?

Unsuspecting bystanders who did not deserve this.

If the idea of chowing down on one of those babies is still appealing to you, here’s some good news: In an apparent attempt to cash in on this current strain on stupidity, a company called Paqui is selling a single tortilla chip coated in Carolina Reaper dust, as well as ghost pepper and chipotle seasoning.

Photo courtesy PAQUI
Photo courtesy of PAQUI

Starting October 1, risk takers can buy the chip for $4.99. But…if you enter a contest that requires you to film yourself eating one of these things, you get your chip for free and a chance to win even more Paqui chips! And a GoPro.

Ironically, Paqui is Aztec for “happy.” The world is a cruel joke on all of us.

(h/t Foodbeast)

UPDATE: video has surfaced of people taste-testing the chip. Enjoy!


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