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12 Things We Learned About Padma Lakshmi While She Destroyed A Hot Wing Challenge

Top Chef co-host and professional sexy person Padma Lakshmi took a turn in the Hot Ones hot seat, testing her strength against 10 hot wings topped with hot sauce in ascending order of heat. As expected, she did it while looking amazing. Her eyes didn’t water once and she never blew her nose. Proof once and for all that she’s obviously a fembot.

While gracefully eating her wings and licking her fingers without irony, she offered up some interesting tidbits about herself, including:

1. She’s the only judge who eats every single thing on Top Chef.

2. She introduced the concept of the “bed picnic” — basically spending all day in bed eating and binging on TV. Of course, in Padma’s version, she’s not wearing mysteriously stained sweats.

3. She thinks restaurateur and guest judge Sam Nazarian had the worst table manners on set.

4. Her favorite Top Chef host city is Charleston, SC

5. The celebrity host she’s dying to have on the show: Alice Waters

6. Tom Colicchio’s most annoying habit: wearing his emotions on his face.

7. Her favorite part about filming Glitter was standing next to Mariah Carey while she sang a cappella.

8. She and Aziz Ansari are close friends. They come from the same ethnicity in India.

9. She’s also been friends with Chris Rock for 20 years.

10. She was in an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise.

11. She created a drink called Cranberry Draino to ease her digestive tract. It’s a combination of pure cranberry juice, fiber powder , green tea brewed hot then iced, and a Vitamin C packet.

12. Of all the testicles she’s eaten, she believes duck testicles have the best shot at becoming a mainstream menu item.

Check her out.


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