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Hello Kitty Food Truck Leaves Trail Of Crying Kids

Say what you will about Hello Kitty, but the freakishly big-headed cat has the power to leave small children drowning in their own tears. It’s what reportedly happened in Chicago recently, when the Hello Kitty Cafe, a fancy, bright pink food truck, came to Oak Brook.

According to The Chicago Tribune, the entire Hello Kitty-themed menu— featuring sugary treats such as macarons, cookies, cakes, and other things that turn kids into little monsters — sold out in record time, crushing many of the approximately 2,000 people who had waited up to five hours in line. (One woman drove for five hours just to wait in line for another five.)

It didn’t take long before some of the die-hard fans turned ugly, focusing their attention on Facebook to give the proprietors a piece of their mind. Comments range from…

Poorly organized!!! Waited in line for 4 hours and you just let us all stand there without notifying the people In line you are about to sell out!! Poorly done Sanrio!!!!!


All my 11 year old wanted was a tshirt! We wasted over 2 hours in line and walked away without any thing.

Photos of sad kids were also reportedly posted, including one of a young girl giving her goodies to a crying child.

It wasn’t until the next day that the Hello Kitty Cafe used the phrase “while supplies last” on Facebook and Twitter:

From the comments, it seems like more adults got their feelings hurt than the kids they dragged out of bed before dawn. Dear Parents: we’re pretty sure no child wants a bow-tie shaped water bottle that badly.


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