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Here’s Why Most Millennials Don’t Like Big Macs

Some more statistics have been released on the mysterious sub-culture known as millennials. Turns out, they not only love to Instagram their food, but they avoid ugly food. Sorry, food, that was cold, how about handsome-challenged?

Okay, that’s just a hypothesis, but a strong one, nonetheless. Here’s why.

The Wall Street Journal did some math and found out that only 1 in 5 millennials has ever tried a Big Mac from McDonald’s. The Golden Arches are losing out to competing chains that offer gourmet burgers, like Shake Shack and In-N-Out. And what do those two companies have in common? Good looking burgers. For comparison, here are two Shake Shack burgers:

Here are two In-N-Out Burgers:


And here are two McDonald’s burgers (on a good day):



Which would you rather brag about on social media?

McDonald’s USA President Mike Andres realizes this:

We have to nail it. How do we deliver the best burger at the speed of McDonald’s and, ultimately, at the value you’d expect from McDonald’s? That’s what we’re working towards.

The WSJ reports that the company is testing new grinds of beef, buns and toppings to improve on taste. They’ve even returned to using butter instead of margarine in the Egg McMuffin and have removed artificial ingredients in the Chicken McNuggets. Two brand new Big Macs are set to debut next year: the large Grand Mac and the smaller sized Mac Jr.

That’s all great and everything, but a word of advice to McDonald’s: the way to a millennial’s heart is to MAKE YOUR FOOD LOOK GOOD! And maybe lose the clown.


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