Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Spain Really, Really Hates Jamie Oliver’s Paella Recipe

Celeb chef and food revolutionary Jamie Oliver did the unthinkable earlier this week: he tweeted his “twist” on classic paella. And it didn’t go well.

Authentic paella does not include chorizo. It’s a big no-no. Poor James only got a little sympathy on Twitter for his unintentional abomination.

But most of it was typical schoolyard taunting, and a few funny jabs from people who saw the (obviously) funny side of the debate:

As The Guardian points out, this isn’t Oliver’s first foray into major rice blunders. Two years ago, he put his now famous “twist” on a favorite West African dish called jollof rice by adding tomatoes and other accoutrement. The gaffe soon became its own “gate” (as all good gaffes do). #JollofGate became such a public meltdown, that Jamie’s camp released a statement to try and calm nerves, reminding people that Jamie is a chef and this was just “Jamie’s twist.” How long until @JamiesTwist becomes its own Twitter handle?


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