Tuesday, November 29, 2022

TFT How-To: Use Leftover Chocolate Like The Baking Pro You Are

Leftover chocolate doesn’t exist. At least that’s what most people in the world will tell you. However, small excess of chocolate have been known to happen, possibly even in your own kitchen. You know, those weird bits: the two squares of leftover baker’s chocolate, that half- bar of good quality dark chocolate, or that leftover holiday candy.

Should you find yourself in this unlikely position of excess chocolate, do not despair–and don’t even think about throwing the stuff away. There are plenty of delicious ways to utilize and enjoy this sweet bounty; here are some tasty ideas, organized by the amount of chocolate you have on hand.

A Little Bit Of Leftover Chocolate

(handful of chocolate chips; portion of a candy bar; other small amount)

Photos by Jessie Moore
  • Just eat it. It had to be said.
  • Stir it into hot coffee for an easy DIY mocha-style drink. You just saved $4!
  • One and a half words for you: s’mores. Make some using that extra chocolate. For a creative variation, make S’moreos (Oreos + S’mores).
  • Top your ice cream; it was looking pretty naked without chocolate on top, anyway.
  • Chop it and use it as an alternative to sprinkles on top of cupcakes or cake.

A Moderate Amount Of Leftover Chocolate

(a couple of ounces; ¼ cup or more; half or more of a candy bar)

Photos by Jessie Moore
  • Make Nanaimo bars. If you’ve never heard of or tried Nanaimo bars, you need to remedy that immediately. These three-layer bar cookies are composed of a cocoa/graham cracker/nut base, an irresistible custard center, and a chocolate topping. The top of the bars doesn’t require a ton of chocolate (less than half a bag of chocolate chips), so it’s a great way to use up leftovers.
  • Break it into pieces and line a pie shell before pouring/spooning a harmoniously-flavored filling (me, I love to line my pumpkin pie shells with a little bit of white chocolate).
  • Make cookie cups. Bake cookies in a muffin tin, then deflate the centers. Brush the inside with chocolate, and you now have a cup which can hold milk right in the cookie.
  • Melt it and dip stuff in it. Chocolate dipped pop-tart, anyone?
  • Melt it and make chocolate garnishes. Impress your friends!

It’s Not Really Leftover Chocolate, But I Need Baking Ideas

(1 cup or more; a large bar of baking chocolate; etc)

Photos by Jessie Moore
  • Make a flourless chocolate cake. It’s the type of cake that will make it seem as if “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover” by Sophie B Hawkins is playing in your mind.
  • Homemade thin mints. Where are those Girl Scouts when you need them? During the cookie off-season, you can make your own thin mints and enrobe them in chocolate.
  • Whip up some epic brownies. These ones require about 3 large bars of chocolate, and they are glorious.

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