Thursday, February 2, 2023

You Can Now Eat This Pokémon In Taiyaki Form

In the United States, taiyaki is having a bit of a moment. Taiyaki, for those unaware, is a baked Japanese cake treat shaped like a fish. Usually, taiyaki is served warm and stuffed with red bean paste, though the variations possible are unlimited.

Though it isn’t new, American foodies have been enamored by taiyaki stuffed with ice cream. It isn’t hard to determine why. It’s cute-looking, a unique dessert that stands out when posted on Instagram or various other social media feeds.

But the foodie culture in Japan has already upped their game. Kurikoan, a taiyaki specialty shop, has redesigned their fish-shaped treat to resemble Magikarp. Though, in Japan, the Pokémon is called Koiking, so it’s a Koiking taiyaki.

The Magikarp treat will cost 106 yen (US $1.81) and comes wrapped in a small bag containing lyrics of Magikarp’s official theme song.



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