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Boy Face Plants While Riding Bike in Background of Live Newscast

On Thursday, WPLG’s Glenna Milberg was reporting live from a neighborhood in Miami when a local kid riding his bike in the background lost his front tire, causing him to eat it face first.

The accident happened as Milberg was discussing the shooting death of Tabitha Jamison, a 21-year-old mother killed Tuesday in a drive-by night. The terrible tragedy of that incident hasn’t stopped video of the bike crash from going viral and earning tens of thousands of views across different social media platforms.

But what about the boy? Aside from a few scratches and maybe some hurt pride, he’s doing just fine according to Milberg.

“For those asking-The boy on the bike who went down face-first in our live shot? He’s just fine (& now famous with his friends),” she wrote on Twitter.


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