Saturday, April 13, 2024

Model Makes Shocking Promise For More Facebook Likes

With the rise of social media stars, more people are doing strange and interesting things to attract followers, likes and shares.

If you are an aspiring model, actor or journalist, a little creativity can place your personal brand in front of millions of people. Think about it: Honey Badger become an instant sensation with wicked commentary from the mouth of a badger. Wacky, effective and unforgettable.

In Brooklyn, aspiring model/actor Terence Hall says he will taser himself if he can get 20,000 Facebook likes for his video:

Terence wants to produce his own films and is currently dabbling in YouTube. Last week, he and a friend were hanging out when his friend pulled out a taser. That’s when Terence decided to promise an electrifying experience in return for more traffic to his channel.

So what can Terence expect? Twin barbed darts shoot out at high speed, delivering an electric jolt through thin copper-insulated wires leashing them to the stun gun. Ideally, both probes land below your chest, far enough apart to deliver a charge affecting a significant portion of your musculature.

Tasers are designed for neuromuscular incapacitation: to deliver an electric charge to your body that interferes with your peripheral nervous system, creating uncontrollable muscular convulsions and rendering you temporarily unable to control your own movements.

Want to see Terence tase himself? Like Terence on FB and share with your friends. The Fresh Toast will be there reporting live when Terence fulfills his part of the deal.

Good luck Terence.


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