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This Guy Tried To Shoot An Armadillo—And It Shot Back

Instant karma is served.

Photo by skeeze via Pixabay

Shooting an armadillo is a jerk move. What could these armored, docile creatures possibly do to piss someone off so badly that they deserve to get shot at?

It’s a question we’re pondering again, two years after a Texas man shot an armadillo in his yard and regretted it instantly. The bullet ricocheted off the animal’s leathery armored back, and hit the man in the face—the kind of instant karma the internet thrives on.

The story’s going viral again, and as CNN noted, no one’s sure how or why this little guy’s gunfight is back in the news. A few journalists retweeted newly-published stories recapping the incident from 2015—ancient history in online years—but it’s difficult to pinpoint where, exactly, this story cropped up again after all this time.

Our gunslinging villain in this story spotted the armadillo in his yard at around 3 a.m., took out his revolver, and shot three times. One of the bullets came back, striking him in the face.

The man lived, although he had to have his jaw wired shut. The armadillo was never found. Since they can live for up to 20 years, it’s possible the little guy is still at large.

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