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Two Hot Rods Try To DIY Pimp Their Rides

Some people are just made for each other. This week, the stars aligned to bring us two beautiful souls on separate but equally glorious journeys toward automotive greatness. Or something like that.

On one side of the world, we have this man driving around Adelaide, Australia, with a steering wheel fashioned from an old frying pan. According to local news, he had outfitted his unregistered, uninsured Mazda Sedan — a car that’s already got an uphill climb cut out for it on the classiness scale, kitchenware aside — with a pan where the steering wheel should go.

He was charged with driving unregistered and uninsured, driving contrary to defect, altering a number plate and breaching bail. You could say he jumped out of the pan and into the fire on this one.

The pan seems to be a testament to some deep internal passion, with dates and an RIP tribute. It reads “Uncontrollable & driven to love only a beating heart.” This hot rod is, apparently, a poet.

Closer to home, a man in Randolph County, North Carolina, covered his car with 51,300 pennies. Another POS of an automobile, this Chevy Blazer is turning heads, the local Fox affiliate reports. “I had to put them on one-by-one and it took about seven weeks and six or seven hours a day,” he said.

Retirement sounds fun?

“It took 80 tubes of silicone glue and three gallons of fiberglass boat glue.” The reporter for this segment has way too much fun with the coin puns, saying he “changed” the color of the car and that it made a “lot of sense” to change his Chevy “into a Lincoln.” Get it, cents? Lincoln? On the pennies? Okay, we’re done here. May these two quirky car-lovers find each other someday.

Posted By: Samantha Cole


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