Saturday, January 18, 2020
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It’s A Party! Woman Arrested For Stealing 31 Boxes of Trojan Condoms

Buying in bulk is a financially sound strategy if you can afford it. Stealing in bulk, however, is not such a great idea, especially if you’re stealing dozens of boxes of condoms from a grocery store.

The Smoking Gun reports Shaearion Davis is accused of doing just that earlier this week at a Schnucks market in Swansea, Illinois. The 25-year-old woman allegedly grabbed 31 boxes of Trojan condoms and then walked out of the store. Schnucks employees spotted the condom theft and called 911. Several employees also followed Davis, according to the police report.

When Davis spotted cops, she tried to ditch the condoms, according to the report. She was arrested on charges of felony retail theft. She was later charged with obstructing a police officer after she allegedly refused to let officers photograph or fingerprint her at the police station.

It’s not clear what she planned to do with the 31 box of condoms, which were valued at $300.

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