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Problem Pup: Woman Stabbed By Her Dog in Hudson, NY

By all accounts, Mia the dog is a good dog. “She’s lovable,” her owner Celinda Haynes said. “She’ll kill you with kindness.” That’s undoubtedly true. It’s also true she stabbed Haynes with a freshly sharpened kitchen knife last week.

KDVR reports that the incident began when Mia, a tall dog who appears to be a mutt, grabbed a pairing knife from Haynes’s kitchen counter with her mouth. Haynes tried to get Mia to drop the knife by giving her treats, but things didn’t go exactly as planned.

“When [Mia] went over to eat the treat, she ran the knife across my arm and cut a big old gash about four 4 inches long,” Haynes told KDVR.

Nurses at Platte Valley Medical Center in Hudson, Co., were naturally a bit suspicious, so they called the local Marshal’s office. “When dispatch said that there was a person who was stabbed by a dog, I had to make sure I heard that correctly,” Deputy Zach Johnson said. “Of course, my initial thought was what’s really going on here.”

Fortunately for everyone, there was no crime other than a good and tall dog trying to play. “Obviously, we’re not charging Mia with anything because she’s a dog,” Johnson said.

Posted By: Taylor Berman

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