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Your Smelly Lunch Is Now A Criminal Offense In Italy

Finally, justice comes for the public nuisance coworkers who insist on microwaving their fish tacos and tuna salad sandwiches at work.

Italy’s supreme court ruled that stinky food is now a criminal offense. The Court of Cassation in Rome calls it “olfactory molestation.”

According to the Telegraph, the ruling came after a spat between neighbors over vats of “fritti misti,” a mixed fried seafood dish. The pungent smell wafted across the neighborhood, and the wannabe chefs were found guilty of anti-social behavior.

The Telegraph reports:

The judges in Rome said the couple’s enthusiastic cooking resulted in ‘the emission of odours and noises in the overhead apartment on the third floor,’ owned by another couple. The smells were so strong that they were “beyond the limits of tolerability” and constituted what the court called ‘olfactory molestation.’ One of the neighbours complained that when the couple were cooking, ‘the whole of my apartment became impregnated with the smell of the pasta sauce and the fried fish. It felt like their kitchen was in my flat.’

Complaints about food smells aren’t uncommon in Italy, where people have claimed that stinky dishes caused them to suffer depression and psychological trauma.

In the United States, it’s possible to take someone to court for their offensive kitchen-smells, if the smell diminishes the value of your residence or drove you out of your home. That’s a spicy beef to try and settle.

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