Tuesday, December 6, 2022

How To Smoke Weed Discreetly When Living With Others

 For many of us, trying to keep a semblance of normalcy during these times includes smoking marijuana. Here’s how to do it in private when you don’t live alone.

The past several months have been a slow but steady stream of change. While many were fortunate enough to be able to work from home, a large number of people have had to find new job opportunities, find new housing and even relocate across states. No matter what your situation is, it’s been a weird year, with most of us spending more time indoors, because, what else are we going to do?

While our lives might be completely different in ways that no one could have imagined just five months ago, we still have to make the most of our situations and try to keep a semblance of normalcy. For a lot of people that includes weed, whether they’re using it to treat their migraines, to sleep better or to wind down after a stressful day.

Here are some options that could make it easier for you to get high, whether you’re living with nosy roommates or spending some time with family.

Wait until the time is right

How To Make It Through Self-Isolation With Kids Or Roommates
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Even in a pandemic there are plenty of opportunities for alone time. Take advantage of each moment you have to yourself, like when your roommates or parents leave for work, or go out to visit friends. In order to hide the evidence of your smoke sesh, be smart by keeping your weed stashed in a sealed glass container and opening up the windows. If you’re short on time or don’t have many windows, use a sploof or purchase a smoke buddy. The bathroom is always a great option for smoking for brief amounts of time, especially if you turn on the shower and allow for the steam to dilute the weed smoke.

Go outside

The most obvious thing you can do is to leave your house and get high someplace where you can be alone. Be mindful of others and obey the laws of your state. While this isn’t a full time solution, adding weed to your walks and times of escape can be a healthy way of getting some much needed alone time.

Keep in mind that you’re gonna have to come back to your place and face whoever you’re living with. Carry some gum and perfume, but don’t go overboard, since that might make things more obvious.

Switch to edibles

How To Get Edibles To Affect You Faster
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Edibles have been a pandemic hit, with many people giving them a shot due to the fact that they don’t harm the lungs, they’re convenient, and there’s not smoke or paraphernalia to deal with. Edibles can be consumed around other people without them knowing any better. Just monitor your dosage in case you don’t feel like pretending you’re not high when you very much are.

Practice your poker face

When using weed around parents or disapproving roommates, it’s always important to be discreet. Be mindful of other people’s space and make sure that your marijuana use isn’t an inconvenience for the rest of your household. Practice your poker face and relax as best as you can; most of the time, people are too busy to notice if your eyes are a little red and you’re acting a little giggly.



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