Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Do This For 11 Minutes Daily And Live Longer

A new study shows that it doesn’t take much to live longer and increase health.

Multiple studies have been conducted on the dangers of sedentarism, and how this is related to health risks and death. This year, with the pandemic and the closure of many offices and public spaces, health experts are concerned about this reduced activity, and how this might impact the long term health of people of all ages. But do this for 11 minutes daily and live longer. A new study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows some hopeful results.

The study was conducted by the Norwegian School of Sports Medicine, and relied on the data gathered by activity monitors, which accurately measured the amount of time people spent moving or sitting down.

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Researchers analyzed more than 50,000 subjects mostly comprised of middle-aged people that lived in Europe or the United States. This method, unlike previous studies that rely on self-reported evidence, was more objective and hopeful in the picture it painted.

Photo by Islam Hassan via Unsplash

Results revealed differences depending on the amount of activity that people engaged in, but it still painted a good picture for anyone who tries their best to move a bit. While participants who exercised over 35 minutes a day reaped the best benefits and had increased lifespans, people who complied with just 11 minutes of movement a day, even if it consisted of a brisk walk, experienced noticeable positive results regardless of the amount of time they spent sitting down.

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Researchers and health experts often link sedentarism with death, and suggest that people should make the time to maintain an active lifestyle, at times setting unrealistic goals for some people. While physical activity should always be encouraged, results like the ones provided by this study show that all movement, no matter how intense, produces positive and significant results. The study also provides an accessible way to get people to move and workout, since 11 minutes is much less daunting than other numbers.


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