Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Following This Instagram Account Is The Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

The Instagram account @ifyouhigh is aptly named. Featuring all sorts of ASMR and aesthetically pleasing clips, it’s a pretty famous social media account, having won a Shorty Award and cultivating a following of over 3 million users that includes the likes of Ariana Grande, Awkwafina, and other famous people who look like they’d really enjoy this type of content.

You don’t need to be high to enjoy these clips, but smoking before watching them will definitely add an extra layer of awesomeness. The account features one of the largest and most varied video libraries, displaying content where people make mirrors from scratch (!!!), a bubble of water transforms into ice, and all sorts of time lapses that look completely surreal. If there’s anything that’s somehow pleasing to the eye, ear and brain, you can bet it’ll be featured on this account.

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Watching these videos will make you question the laws of physics in a good way. It’s an account that will make you happy, while also taking a toll on your productivity, so you should definitely factor that in before you tap the follow button. Once you go down this particular rabbit hole, it’s almost impossible to find your way out.


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