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What To Know About CBD Canned Drinks

Some experts predict CBD canned drinks will rake in $11 million in sales by 2025. Here’s what you should know about these products.

Cannabis canned drinks have run into a few snags along the way. Product makers aren’t able to get the dosage right and it seems like the cans themselves might also be a problem, tampering with the THC in the product. But when it comes to CBD, plenty of businesses say that their cans contain between 20-25mg of the compound in a wide variety of flavors.

CBD canned drinks are the latest CBD product to enter the market, which, according to The Outside, are expected to make $11 million in sales by 2025. Here’s what you should know about these products.


Prices range from 20 to 100$ per box, having a wide range of options for people to choose from. Still, prices are high when compared to other canned drinks on the market, including alcoholic beverages. CBD companies must ensure that their products produce significant results. As of yet, these claims have not been supported by science.

CBD in liquid form

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While there’s not a lot of science to support most of the claims made about CBD, product makers of CBD canned drinks claim that the compound is very effective when consumed in liquid form, allowing for the body to absorb its anti-stress and anti-inflammatory benefits rapidly and efficiently.

What about the cans themselves? 

Experts believe that the material used to make the cans can remove some of the effects of THC, sucking out the benefits and reducing their potency.

“Our theory is the cannabis material, the droplets, will stick to the liner and cling on it. When you open the can to take a drink, it will lose its potency,” says Harold Han, founder of cannabis company Vertosa. CBD canned drink makers have not addressed these claims, so we don’t know if this problem is limited to THC or if it extends to different cannabis compounds.

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Consuming CBD in a can sounds like a promising idea, one that lends itself to producing quick therapeutic effects. Still, unless we get the science, we remain in the dark with these kinds of products. Although there’s almost nothing that suggests that CBD is harmful for your health, there is evidence that indicates these products might just be a waste of money.


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