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Kamala Harris’s Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Goes Viral On TikTok

A TikTok video illustrating the Vice President-elect’s Thanksgiving turkey recipe has been making the rounds over the past couple of days.

Modern day politicians are one of the topics that social media apps love the most, adding a bit of humanizing to them, especially during the holiday season.  An example is Kamala Harris’s Thanksgiving turkey recipe goes viral on TikTok.

The Vice President-elect has shared her love of cooking with followers, discussing her childhood experiences with cooking, as well as her favorite cookbooks and authors. “As a child, I remember hearing the pots and smelling the food, and kind of like someone in a trance, I would walk into the kitchen to see all this incredible stuff happening,” she said in an interview with Glamour.

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The trending TikTok video was taken from a 2019 appearance on MSNBC. In it, Harris discusses the differences between wet brine versus dry brine and why white wine is her secret ingredient when it comes to adding flavor and moisture to her Thanksgiving Day turkey.

@feministmamathis brings me life (also the best turkey I’ve ever made) ##kamalaharris ##thanksgiving ##turkey ##madamvicepresident ##recipe ##cooking ##politics ##kamala♬ original sound – Abbi

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The video was shot during a commercial break and is now edited with footage of someone actually cooking the bird according to Harris’s recipe. “Do it like a pot of water, a couple bay leaves, a little sugar, a cup of peppercorns, you could even do a slice of orange, something like that,” she explains.

The video made its first appearance on Twitter before reporter Jonathan Capehart uploaded the footage and hashtagged it #KamalaCooks.

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Harris has been vocal about cooking and how it benefits her mental health by giving her a semblance of control over her hectic life. She’s cooked masala dosa with Mindy Kaling and addressed Senator Mark Warner’s gross tuna melt Twitter tutorial gone wrong.


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