Friday, June 5, 2020
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Most Millennials Just Want To Eat Pizza After Sex

Few things comfort us than pizza. It’s our most reliable food, great at satisfying many, and fulfills so many of our food cravings. Rarely do you eat pizza and think it was awful—you might feel awful afterwards but that’s your fault for eating too much. Don’t blame the pizza for your inability to contain yourself.

And according to a recent Yelp survey, pizza is the preferred food of single millennials after a late-night hookup. Tacos, meanwhile, came in as a “distant second.” The Yelp survey also indicated that 46 percent of singles were more interested in their one-night stands “if they are into certain foods,” per Today.

What is the No. 1 food their fling could be into? That’s right. Pizza. It earned 59 percent of the vote, followed by ice cream (50 percent), pasta (44 percent), and tacos (43 percent). If you want to secure a second hang or first date, say you like pizza.

The main caveat to mention, however, is that only one in three survey participants stated it was cool to share food with a sexual partner following a one-night stand. Of those down to share a post-coitus meal, it was under the condition that it be a take-out or delivery. No one wants a fancy dinner following a fresh hookup.

Meanwhile, the most serious turn-off for potential partners was loud-chewing, or chewing with your mouth open. That was considered more offensive than “gorging” on junk food or if you drank too much alcohol.

So grab a slice and chew with your mouth closed and you might have a chance in this wacky dating world.


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