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Swipe Right On The Last Remaining Male White Rhino 

The “World’s Most Eligible Bachelor” is 13 feet long, weighs nearly two tons, and is very horny. The Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya has partnered with Tinder to bring awareness to the plight of the last living male white rhino, named Sudan.

From the conservancy’s project page:

The goal of this campaign is to raise the $9 million needed to protect the northern white rhino from extinction.
The funds raised will go towards ongoing research into Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) by a consortium of institutions. Once perfected, this technology, in particular in vitro fertilization (IVF), will aid to achieve successful pregnancies to gradually build up a viable herd of northern white rhinos.

When you swipe right on Sudan, you’re directed to a page where you can donate to his cause and help save the species from extinction. He’s been on Tinder since April 25.

As The Next Web reports:

“We partnered with Ol Pejeta conservancy to give the most eligible bachelor in the world a chance to meet his match,” said Matt David, Head of Communications and Marketing at Tinder. “We are optimistic given Sudan’s profile will be seen on Tinder in 190 countries and over 40 languages.”

“We are in a race. A race against the extinction of the northern white rhino species. We urgently need to raise awareness and funds for Sudan. No one could run this campaign better with us than Tinder. It will offer ‘the most eligible bachelor’ global exposure in such a meaningful way. We are honored and very proud to be part of this campaign that will have a positive impact on our environment,” said Mathieu Plassard, Regional Managing Director at Ogilvy Africa.

The stakes of online “dating” have never been higher. No pressure, everyone.

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