Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Stop Everything And Watch These Bees Get Sexy

Some people hate bees, some people love them. These insects even have several fan-made twitter accounts that talk about how cute and angry they are and also about how important their contributions are towards the well being of our environment, pollinating around a third of the plants that make up our diet. But bees have a freaky side too.

Karla Thompson, an arthropod macro photographer, took her love and interest for bees a step further, filming a couple of them as they engaged in some steamy sex. The video gets pretty weird, so be prepared.

All the video needs is some porn-y background music because its uncomfortably NSFW. It’s still an interesting watch (if you can stomach it) where you learn about the insects’ strange mating behaviors. The most shocking part of the clip is when the male bee strokes the female bee’s antennae like a pervy old man. That’s pretty creepy, but it’s also nature.

For our well being, and the environment’s, just keep going at it bees! Pay no mind to the photographer and keep on having bee babies.



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