Tuesday, July 5, 2022

delta variant

Vaccinated And Stressed Out? Here’s What You Can Do To Get Some Peace Of Mind

COVID-19 stress is back with a vengeance. Here's what you can do if you're vaccinated and feeling anxious about getting sick.

This Vaccine Makes It More Likely To Get Breakthrough COVID-19

Cases of breakthrough COVID-19 are rare, but they're going to become more popular as long as the Delta variant spreads.

Here’s Why Young And Healthy People Should Get Their COVID-19 Vaccine

Young adults are the most resilient to COVID-19. They're also the least likely to get them. Here's why it's important for them to get vaccinated.

Delta, Delta Plus & Lambda: Here Are The Differences Between The COVID-19 Variants

There are several COVID-19 strains in circulation. Here's what they all mean and why you shouldn't freak out too much about them.

What To Do If You Lose Your Proof Of Vaccination Card

Vaccination cards are important for getting into public spaces, yet they're kind of easy to lose. Here's what you can do to avoid this issue.

Here’s What You Should Do If You’re Vaccinated And Exposed To COVID-19

COVID-19 safety measures are fluctuating and it can get confusing. Here's what the CDC is recommending you do if you're vaccinated and exposed to the virus.

Health Officials Are Warning Against Traveling To This Popular Destination

The COVID-19 Delta variant has been affecting the entire country. Here's a popular destination that's now considered high risk.

Feeling Anxious About The Pandemic Again? Here’s What You Can Do

Pandemic anxiety is making a comeback. Here's what you can do to manage it and reestablish some control.
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