Saturday, September 25, 2021

Elizabeth Warren

Cory Booker Is Once Again Trying To Legalize Marijuana At The Federal Level

The 2020 presidential hopeful introduced the Marijuana Justice Act back in 2017, but it never made it out of the Senate. The bill would reschedule cannabis and legalize it at the federal level.

The Newly Democratic House Majority And The Future Of Legal Weed

The future of marijuana legalization in the U.S. looks a lot brighter now that Democrats have reclaimed the House of Representatives following the 2018 Midterm Elections held this past November.

Where Does Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren Stand On Marijuana?

How far would Warren go with pot reform if elected? And is it enough to go toe-to-toe with Trump’s flighty support on the issue?

How Are Politicians Responding To Trump’s Anti-Marijuana Committee?

The committee’s mission stands in stark contrast to the overwhelming support from the public over marijuana legalization.

Elizabeth Warren Reveals How Jeff Sessions ‘Catalyzed’ Marijuana Legalization

The Massachusetts Senator also shared how the STATES Act came to be behind the scenes.

Watch Elizabeth Warren’s Video Supporting Cannabis Law Reform

Late last week, the potential presidential candidate taped a full-throated endorsement in favor of cannabis legalization.

Elizabeth Warren Goes Off On Jeff Sessions’ Cannabis Policy Shift

Elizabeth Warren calls out Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to revoke Obama-era guidelines that allowed states to legalize marijuana.

11 Senators From Legal Weed States Beg Jeff Sessions To Keep DOJ Policy

Eleven senators have singed a letter urging Jeff Sessions to continue the Department of Justice’s current approach to law enforcement regarding the drug,


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