Friday, January 17, 2020

hot mess

Watch This Crazy POV Video Of Dude Skiing Off 150-Foot Cliff

The unluckiest skier became the luckiest man alive when dude he skied off a 150-foot cliff, captured it all on video and lived to tell about it.

Watch: Man Dressed As A Beer Bottle Steals Papa John’s Pizzas

There’s a man-sized beer bottle on the loose, and Papa John’s wants justice. for their stolen pizzas. If only all crime was this funny.

See It: Nude Dude And His Dog Photobomb Girl’s Senior Pictures

Jillian Henry just wanted the Willamette River to serve as a scenic backdrop to her senior pictures. Turns out that picture also included a...

Georgia Man Uses $3 Million Lotto Winnings to Invest in Meth Ring

Why leave it in a savings account or under your mattress when you could invest it in a mutual fund, stocks, or, as one Georgia man recently did, a local meth ring?

That Feeling When You Discover A Dead Body In Your New House

A person bought a home in Simi Valley, California. A few weeks later, the buyer explored the house and discovered the body of Salvatore Orefice.

Latest International Health Scare: The Killer Hickey

A seemingly innocent "love bite," or hickey, on the neck turned into a kiss of death for a Mexico teen--a cautionary tale, to be sure.

The Week in Hot Messes: Burrito Lawsuits, Bionic Penises, And The Wedding From Hell

As we get deeper and deeper into winter, we’re still getting plenty of free heat from idiots and heroes around the world who find...

Watch: Drunk Man Belly Flops Onto Cop Car, Does “The Worm”

One Wisconsin man took things a bit too far when he allegedly drank too much and jumped onto the windshield of a moving cop car, where he reportedly did the dance best known as “the worm.”


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