Saturday, January 23, 2021

mental health

How Cannabis Can Help Psychological Adjustment Disorder

For those regular cannabis consumers out there, it is important to be conscious of how this drug is being used in one’s personal life.

5 Effective Ways Of Dealing With Those Scary Panic Attacks

Panic attacks feel awful and can also have the worst timing, popping up in the middle of work or during an important meeting.

Squad Goals: Here’s Why We All Need A Mean Friend In Our Lives

We all have (or at least know) that one friend who pushes us in ways that none of our other peers can. Here's why that mean friend might be helpful.

What Your Instagram Posts Say About Your Personality

Did you know that your photos on Instagram that tell a lot about you? Here's what your Instagram posts say about your personality.

The Relationship Between Mental Health and Marijuana

Physical health isn’t the only health that can benefit from cannabis; here's the relationship between mental health and marijuana.

Apparently People Use Siri As Their Therapist And Apple Is Responding

A significant number of people are turning to their phone for big life queries these days, if an Apple job posting is to be believed.


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