Friday, October 22, 2021


Electro-Stimulation Is A Sex Thing And There Are Toys That Help

Electro-stimulation is a practice where people attach electrodes to their genitals and hit the on switch. Painful? Joyful? We have questions.

Feeling Lonely? Here’s An Easy Formula For Friendship

'The Like Switch' is a book written by Dr. Jack Schafer, a retired FBI agent who claims that there is a formula you can follow if you want to be friends with someone.

5 Common Lies Women Tell On The First Date

Lying to strangers and potential dating partners is pretty common and kind of understandable. We always want to present our best self with people...

Want To Have Sex With Your Ex? Here’s 4 Reasons Why

If you were to tell your friend that you're thinking of having sex with your ex, they'd probably slap you across the face and tell you to snap out of it.

5 Sexy Gift Ideas For Couples Who Want To Get Busy During The Holidays

Holiday season is always great for spending time with family and transforming yourself into a blanket burrito. It’s also a great time for having sex,

7 Amazing Products You Need For A Fresh & Healthy Vagina

There are all kinds of healthy vagina products out there that serve multiple purposes and making you look and feel good. Here are our favorites.

5 Reasons Why Your Sex Drive Might Be Super Low

Libidos are complicated, but they're mostly affected by your mindset and stress. Here's what might be wrong with your sex drive.

5 Tips That Will Keep Phone Sex Hot And Not Weird

Our smartphones and the ease of texting have made us all hate phone calls, not really seeing the point. Here's the point: super hot phone sex.


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