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4 Signs That Indicate You Might Be Polyamorous, Even If You’re Single

Polyamory is the desire to be involved in multiple committed relationships, or to have one primary relationship while still being open to having other minor ones. Polyamory is an umbrella term that includes others, such as “solo polyamory”, the practice that describes people who have secondary partners without the need of a primary one. These people are neither in committed relationships nor single; they’re capable of having emotional and loving relationships while still maintaining their distance, with no intention of living together or of getting married.

According to Bustle, which consulted with psychologist Liz Powell, solo polyamorous people have an allegiance primarily to themselves, valuing their freedom over the intimacy that a committed relationship provides.

“Solo poly is more about how you approach relationships than about how any of those relationships end up looking from the outside. It challenges more of the assumptions from mainstream relationships about how a relationship should look or how autonomous people should be in relationships.”

In short, these people consider the relationship that they have with themselves as their primary one. Check out the following signs that may suggest you’re suited for the solo poly lifestyle: 

Relationships Stress You Out

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All relationships require patience and sacrifice, but it you feel like all of your past relationships have suffocated you no matter who your partner was, then maybe you’re not suited to be with one person exclusively.

You Value Communication 


Polyamory is based on good communication between everyone that’s involved. It doesn’t count if you’re lying to someone about having multiple relationships; that’s just cheating.  Expressing yourself clearly to all of your romantic partners is key for a successful polyamorous lifestyle.

You Enjoy Being Alone

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A lot of people who decide to avoid commitments decide to do it because they have the best time on their own. If you value your independence and don’t need constant company to have a good time, then maybe this lifestyle is a good choice for you.

You Don’t Like Making Decisions For Other People

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Some people prefer to make decisions for themselves, not having to factor in anyone’s input. Being solo can give you the room to do whatever you want.


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