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This Guy Is Trying To Figure Out How To Have A Baby With His Sex Robot

It’s just a matter of time before we’re all replaced with robots, except for maybe a scientist in Spain who’s making a pretty strong case for keeping his job as a robot procreation specialist.

Sergi Santos is kind of a master at making sex robots. He built a sexy cyborg named Samantha in his home laboratory in Barcelona that can not only hold a (not very interesting) conversation, but also moan during sex.

Santos says he believes in won’t be long before these robots will be able to marry their humans. And if he has his way, have their babies.

“People might look at Samantha as a weird thing you read about. But before they know it, these robots will be doing their jobs, and marrying their children, their grandchildren, and their friends,” he tells The Sun.

He also says it wouldn’t be difficult to get Samantha preggers and that he’d “love to have a child with a robot.” There’s something you don’t hear everyday. For good reason.

“Using the brain I have already created,” says Santos, “I would program it with a genome so he or she could have moral values, plus concepts of beauty, justice and the values that humans have. Then to create a child with this robot it would be extremely simple.”

Sure, Jan.

“I would make an algorithm of what I personally believe about these concepts, and then shuffle it with what she thinks and then 3D print it. That’s it. I 3D print the robot that is the child of me and the robot…I don’t see any complications.”

Yep, We don’t see what could possibly go wrong.

It’s worth noting that Santos has been married to his wife Maritsa Kissamitaki for 16 years and that she’s super not worried at all about his obsession with Samantha and even helps him with robot development.

Here’s Santos showing off Samantha earlier this year.


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