Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Watch: This Japanese Sex Doll Dispenses Cocktails Too

The sex doll is not  a new idea, but this very realistic looking Japanese one is the latest innovation in terms of sex toys, and the priciest commodity for bachelor parties.

Developed by Orient Industries, this sex doll (apart from its implicit use) works as a drink dispenser, which you can buy it for the price of $5,000. If you’re smart, you can try to get your money back by charging people for squeezing her boobs and getting their drinks ?.

The video above demonstrates how the doll works, showing several people giggling as they squeeze the doll’s breast, making it pour them all types of different colored drinks. The red wine coming out of the fake boob is a highlight, as it looks particularly striking.

It’s not necessary to erotically massage the doll’s breast to get it to pour a drink but, you know, to each his own.


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