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Sex Before Bed Can Help You Sleep But Only If This...

Researchers recently found that two-thirds of people slept better after have sex, but only if both people did this.

Study: Women Are Better Than Men At Eating Like A Damn...

It's a sad day when your state gets a "thumbs up" for being the only state in the country where 12 percent of adults eat enough vegetables not to die.

Which One Has Less Chance Of Killing You: Booze Or Weed

Which is more likely to harm your health: drinking too much or smoking too much weed? Too much of anything is bad, but one is much worse than the other.

Math: Both Jack And Rose Could Have Totally Survived The ‘Titanic’

A group of high school sophomores born after Titanic debuted figured out that Rose and Jack would have survived the sinking ship if they shared space.

This Is How Many Times You Need To Have Sex A...

Here's a study that was conducted to see how many times a week you'd need to have sex in order to combat aging. You can do this.

International Cannabis Market Projected To Exceed $30 Billion By 2021

A new report projects the international cannabis market will hit $31.4 billion in just a few short years. Will the US be left out?

The Surprising Reason Many Teenagers Aren’t Smoking Marijuana

It seems pot has fallen out of favor with teenagers. Researchers discovered that while teens who consider marijuana safe sometime weird is going on..

Americans Are Stressed AF And This Is The Main Reason Why

A new report by the American Psychological Association says nearly two-thirds of Americans report being totally stressed out by the future of our country.

Study: Using Emojis On Work Emails Makes You Look Bad

A recent study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, claims that emojis on work emails make the you look incompetent.

Guess What? Asking Kids About Drugs Won’t Make Them Use Drugs

a team from the University of Washington found that discussing undesirable behavior — including drug use — does not encourage children to try it.