Friday, December 2, 2022

A Foolproof Guide (Kinda) To Surviving A Shark Attack

The fear and threat of sharks is huge when in fact these attacks are pretty rare. Scientists think that sharks don’t attack with the intent of eating or killing us, they usually take the first bite to see what kind of animal we are and to check if we pose a threat to them, which is when things get scary for us. A surprising statistic makes us a bigger threat to them, claiming that for every human killed in a shark attack we kill around two million of their kind. Pretty brutal right? These numbers should make us reconsider what we’re doing with our free time and should also make sharks want to stay far away from us.

Still, shark attacks can happen and its important to know what to do if you’re faced with this once in a lifetime experience. Check out this shark battling list: 

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You have to know that our bodies don’t stand a chance against sharks, so hold off the possibility of confrontation for as long as you can, and keep your eye on the prize. Sharks have different ways of attacking, they can just go crazy and attack you directly, they can circle around you for a while and then pounce, or they can sneak up behind you. Keep your eyes on the shark and be as cool as possible.

Stay Calm

Sudden movements and anxiety are your enemy. If you see a shark while diving in the middle of the ocean, it’ll probably go away after a little while and pretend you’re not even there. Sharks have notorious bad vision. If you (understandably) go crazy and start moving around, you’ll attract it’s attention and then you’re in trouble, because you can’t out swim a shark even if you’re Michael Phelps.

If you’re near the shore or a boat, move slowly towards it without splashing around. If you’re in the shark’s path then move slowly out of their way and don’t stand between it and the open ocean. Don’t turn your back to the shark, remember to always keep it in your sights.

Take A Defensive Stance

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If you don’t have a fast way out of the ocean then try to eliminate all angles where the shark can possibly attack you. If you’re in shallow water keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and try to back up against a reef or a rock so that the shark can’t attack you from behind or find ways to circle around you.


While obviously this is the last option, it’s good to know the main weak spots of the sharks. While their bodies are made out of muscle and they have like a billion teeth, they do have some sensitive areas, like their eyes, their gills and their snouts. A hard punch to any of these areas should make them retreat, because they’ll think you’re a powerful threat. If you have a spear or a rock, use them, if not use your fists, elbows and knees.

Escape & Get Help 

The most important thing to do when faced with a shark is to escape, so be sure to do so safely if you get the chance. If the shark swims away and you can’t see it, you must still get out of the water. Wait quietly for a boat to come and get you or swim smoothly and without thrashing to the shore. If you’ve been bitten then stop the bleeding as soon as possible, with a ripped piece of fabric or a shirt. Shark bites can cause a lot of blood loss depending on the area, so get medical attention ASAP.

You’re a shark warrior now! Just kidding. It’s super important to avoid shark infested waters and to avoid diving alone. When exploring open water, it’s best if you’re with a group that’s managed by someone who knows about first aid and who’ll be helpful in these types of situations.



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