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7 CBD Skincare Products That Will Change Everything

It was only a matter of time before CBD skin care began flooding the market. CBD helps reduce pain and inflammation, so, theoretically, it may treat skin issues like acne and eczema as well. The Fresh Toast perused a plethora of product expos from New Orleans to New York, as a genuine product tester, rather than a paid influencer, to discover the latest in CBD skincare offerings.

Here are the top 7 takeaways:

The CBD Skincare Co.

They may not win any points for their simplistic brand name, but perhaps they are going for the Honest Company approach. On the plus side, they are entirely women-owned. Women who are in favor of breaking the grass ceiling, while smelling scrumptious in the process, will love their scented, CBD soaps. They smell so yummy that it is tempting to take a bite out of the bar. (Please don’t.)

With culturally appropriated cannabis scents like Purple Haze and Black Magic Woman, they are tempting to bathe with, whether they contain CBD or not. Their infused body bar contains 50mg; however, there is no telling how much the skin absorbs with each wash. Their company claims their soap treats acne, eczema, and psoriasis, and soothes muscles and joint pains. A bar of Green Power may induce singing in the shower.

Da Crema Botannicals

The sales rep at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition, was reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century traveling apothecary. His far-fetched claims were pure snake oil salesmanship. “I’ve been making my products since 2014. No other company at the CWCBE can claim that,” he boasted.

FYI, buddy, there are plenty of products that have pioneered CBD years prior to 2014; but they had to wait for regulations to be in place to tout them in the mainstream marketplace. (Heck, even The Body Shop had a hemp salve back in the 1990s.)

However, despite their outlandish claims, Da Crema’s products are worth a look, as they are fun. CBD massage oil might come in handy on date night, whether it is beneficial or not. Likewise, their dead sea-salt scrub, which contains activated charcoal to assist lymphatic drainage and pull toxins out through the pores, is a stimulating exfoliant.

Dr. Hartridge’s CBD Bath Soak

It was designed by an actual female doctor, unlike other products that use the title gratuitously. Dr. H created her bath salts with pure relaxation in mind. “With SOAK, my goal was to make a product that would not leave your tub in need of a cleaning,” she said. After all, a bath isn’t quite as relaxing as it should be, if it leaves a ring around the tub that needs to be scrubbed off. Hardly anyone wants more chores to tackle on their personal time.

Dr. Hartridge also wants her clients to feel free to customize her bath salts with whichever essential oil is their favorite, which is why her CBD and Epsom salt formula is unscented. While CBD is the new kid on the bath time block, Epsom salt has been around for generations, and is renowned for treating aches and pains. They are a winning combination to combat drudgery and malaise.

The Legion of Bloom

This Sonoma County, California-based cannabis company serving sustainably grown, pesticide-free products to medical patients and adult consumers. Zana is the Legion of Bloom’s wellness & beauty line. Zana Lasting Beauty Facial Serum, incorporates the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, with the modern application of non-psychoactive cannabis. Zana’s Aruvedic, CBD- infused transdermal roll-on contains 65 mg of cannabis-derived CBD per bottle, along with organic sunflower oil, carrot seed, rosemary, geranium, frankincense, clary sage, lavender, blue tansy, and peppermint. The roller can be applied directly to the face, neck, and décolleté to refresh and perfume the skin. Zana also claims to alleviate sore muscles, aches, and pains. Anyone who was a fan of Aveda’s discontinued essential oil roll-ons will appreciate Zana.

Miracle Nutritional Products’ CBD advanced wrinkle cream and CBD advanced wrinkle eraser serum contain 500mg and 300mg respectively of full spectrum hemp oil blend. Both are paraben-free and are tested on humans, not animals. The cream is water-based, and is suitable for people with oilier skin, whereas the serum is oil based, and is most likely more appropriate for dry skin, depending on which texture is preferred. Both contain Spanish lavender and skin savior hyaluronic acid, but the cream also contains diamond powder.

Shira Adler, the author of an essential book, The ABCs of CBD, created Shira Synergy essential oil and CBD facial mists, in a variety of scents and themes, with a distinctly Wiccan vibe. Smile Synergy spray contains CBD, Vetiver, rosemary, and lavender to “anchor focus and create a feeling of connection, calm, protection and focus,” while Clear contains Himalayan Cedarwood and white sage to “lighten, brighten and transform your energy and mood.” Nurture has cinnamon leaf, camphor and cumin to “warm, soothe and comfort,” while Inspire has peppermint, Bulgarian Rose, and Ylang Ylang to “encourage creativity and productivity.” At the very least, her mists are refreshing and smell delicious. If Shira’s synergy mists brighten your day, or put a bit of pep in your step, so much the better.

Treat Yourself’s CBD Rich Brightening Eye Serum

sExcellent for slathering on under eyes, to replenish fatigued eyes, in the morning and evening. In addition to full spectrum CBD, it contains Jojoba oil, prickly pear seed oil, rosehip seed, CO2 extract, vitamin E, and Somalian frankincense.

It is doubtful that minuscule amounts of topically applied CBD products are substantial enough to be genuinely beneficial; however, it can’t hurt to use everyday products such as massage oil, serum, face spritz, exfoliant, and soap, that contain tiny amounts, especially if they smell lovely.



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