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Inside Colorado’s New Campaign For Safe Marijuana Use

Please consume responsibly.

That is the focus of a public service announcement campaign for 2017 created by the Marijuana Industry Group.

The marketing outreach — especially geared toward teens — advocates safe and responsible consumption in Colorado, the state that first allowed for recreational marijuana sales.

“By design, this campaign is stark and serious, because public safety is serious. Government agencies shouldn’t be alone in encouraging good decision-making,” said Kristi Kelly, director of MIG, a cannabis trade association. “It’s important that people know that the industry also cares about our communities,” she said.

The campaign was announced last month and Coloradans will soon see various messages across the state. The ads, which will appear in print-and online publications, will focus on three primary messages:

  • Encourage safe dosing.
  • Avoiding driving after consumption.
  • Keeping cannabis product locked away from curious kids.

MIG has long been engaged in discussions regarding safe consumption, and has a seat on the Colorado Task Force for Drunk and Impaired Driving. The organization has also participated in providing feedback to the Colorado Department of Transportation’s “Drive High Get a DUI” campaigns and Colorado Department of Health and Environment’s “Good to Know” campaigns.

Remember: Please consume responsibly.

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