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Dogs With Epilepsy: Can CBD Oil Help?

One of the more prevalent reasons behind medical marijuana is its capacity to function as a pain management tool. Though testimonies abound about marijuana helping those with epilepsy or cancer, more people have been drawn to the plant to help with pain — for them and their dogs, especially those with canine arthritis.

But now researchers are trying to find out if marijuana can be consumed by dogs with other ailments. Dr. Stephanie McGrath, a neurology specialist at Colorado State University and veterinarian, is looking into whether or not CBD can treat epilepsy in dogs similar to humans.

“We’re really kind of looking for the ideal treatment,” Dr. McGrath told CBS4 in Denver.

Currently veterinarians can treat epileptic dogs with two to three “good drugs,” but those unfortunately come with debilitating side effects. Phenobarbital and potassium bromide are what Dr. McGrath considers “first-line drugs.” Right now you can find hemp-based CBD oil for dogs on the market with how-to instructions, but McGrath is researching on what the proper dosage might be.

“Well, if it’s potentially working for pediatric epilepsy, why not try it for canine epilepsy,” McGrath said. “There certainly is a lot of interest with pet owners, with local vets, with family vets, and a lot of specialists across the county.”

And while you can find patient stories about CBD oil’s success for dogs with epilepsy, some in the scientific community remain dubious about CBD’s ability, whether it’s with humans or dogs. McGrath hasn’t been able to release any definitive conclusions, but she’s hopeful about its future as a medicine.

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