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Ellen Degeneres Addresses Marijuana Smoking Rumors

Ellen DeGeneres certainly love to tease anyone and everyone. Always done in a loving manner, the comedian gets her well-earned laughs through lighthearted pranks and poking fun at anything resembling pomposity or pretension. If you’ve the telecasts of her hosting the Oscars, you understand what I’m discussing here.

So when Civilized, a well-run cannabis lifestyle publication, published a video titled “Does Ellen Smoke Weed?” you could predict the comedian would take notice. During her daytime TV show, Ellen properly answered the question.

The Civilized video uses circumstantial evidence from Ellen’s show and other musings she’s said over the years to determine if she smokes weed. This, by the way, is something other marijuana websites do to attract your traffic whenever you type into search engines “Does [Insert celebrity here] smoke weed?” I’m not faulting anyone here—everyone needs to accrue traffic somehow—and also give credit to Civilized for assembling an aesthetically-pleasing video package for their audience.

Anyways, here’s example of Ellen responding to the claims.

So their first piece of evidence is that I sold merchandise to marijuana users on 420. That doesn’t make me a smoker, it makes me a smart business-lady.

You’re never too high to buy Ellen underwear.

To avoid any confusion, Ellen did state plainly that she doesn’t smoke weed. The whole clip is worth your time because, as always, Ellen will make you laugh.


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