Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Marijuana Recall: This Time It’s Pesticides In Concentrates

Photo by vitranc/Getty Images As growers and dispensaries work to meet the demand of legal weed, pesticide poisoning is making headlines again: This time, in concentrates distributed by a dispensary in Colorado.

Although there are no reports of illness at this point, La Bodega is recalling a certain batch of medical marijuana concentrates that could contain unsafe levels of pesticide residue.

Local news outlet KDVR reports:

During a Denver Department of Environmental Health (DEH) investigation, residual levels of Myclobutanil were found in samples of marijuana concentrate products. Myclobutanil is a pesticide that the Colorado Department of Agriculture has determined, cannot be used on marijuana in Colorado.

This follows a May recall of “Blue Magoo” sold in Oregon for pesticide levels. Toxic additives in concentrates and medical marijuana are especially dangerous for patients with compromised immune systems.

Asking your budtenders about pesticide levels in your purchase not only helps you be more aware of what you’re putting into your bloodstream, but also raises awareness of the industry—and helps dispensaries avoid having to issue recalls in the first place.


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