Sunday, June 4, 2023

Sounds Like Heaven: Someone Left 67 Pounds Of Marijuana In A Casket

It’s hard to believe we have to keep having this talk, but here we are. Once more for those just tuning in: We are not here to narc on how you came upon an unfortunate situation, whether you’ve misplaced your drugs in Sam’s Club, snuck into someone’s house to steal placenta, or accidentally shipped a lot of weed to a pastor in Pennsylvania.

But, folks, it must be said: If you have lost track approximately 67 pounds of marijuana recently, the authorities have found it, and it’s probably not where you think you left it.

According to a Salt Lake City local news station, Border Patrol Agents stopped a hearse near Tombstone, Arizona Saturday evening at an immigration checkpoint. Inside was a casket full of, you guessed it, marijuana. And some manure, but mostly marijuana. As Fox 13 reports:

Border patrol agents encountered “several inconsistencies” during the stop and requested a canine unit. The dog alerted agents to the presence of drugs, and a search yielded 67 pounds of marijuana concealed inside the casket in the hearse. There were also several bags of manure in the load, which border patrol agents say was an attempt to disguise the smell of the marijuana. The hearse and drugs were seized by authorities. The driver, a 28-year-old U.S. Citizen whom authorities did not identify, was arrested for alleged narcotics smuggling.

Please, if you must transport nearly 70 pounds of weed, do it legally and without the use of a funeral vehicle. Thank you.

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