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Sorry, But Japanese Breakfast Is Not A Fan Of Edibles

If there’s one subject in the cannabis world that celebrities love to dish their opinion on, it’s edibles. Very rarely do their comments register as ringing endorsements. Seth Rogen once told Howard Stern, “The most negative drug experiences I’ve ever had in my life are from weed edibles.” Rogen added his buddy Snoop Dogg agreed, because, “edibles ain’t got no off button.”

Their discipline of expression doesn’t matter either. Multiple comedians have infamously overindulged on edibles while visiting Colorado, resulting in bad stand-up sets, or, in the case of the Lucas Bros. late-night cheeseburger quest, failing to show up. The most positive recent endorsement was from Martha Stewart, who described edibles as “fine,” though admitted some companies have approached her to start a Martha Stewart-branded edible line.

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All this is to preface the comment musician Michelle Zauner — who goes by the alias Japanese Breakfast — made calling edibles “overrated” during a video interview with Pitchfork. What we’re saying is her opinion isn’t exactly new or worthy of backlash. Instead, she’s just another celebrity who isn’t down with edibles.

“I feel like any drug you ingest is overrated because I’m a very impatient person,” said Zauner. “I immediately assume that something’s not working, that I should go and take more of that something.”

The refrain is a common one about edibles. No one will forget that time Maureen Dowd experimented with edibles and lost her shit. But Zauner also has a more personal reason for her trepidation with edibles.

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“I’m like so afraid of myself and the darkness that exists here, that I don’t try to tempt what’s going on here to come out,” she said.

For those interested in edibles but unsure where to start we have two handy guides for you: 6 essential facts to know before indulging on edibles, and 9 ways to calm down if you’ve had too much.


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