Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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THC-Infused Popsicles Will Make Your Summer

There’s nothing better than a popsicle when facing the sweltering heat of summer. And what a better way to eat one than when it’s infused with THC?

One of the best things about legal marijuana is the variety of products that exist in the U.S. Now that people don’t have to worry over the legality of their work, they’re allowed to create interesting and delicious ways of consuming cannabis. The Green Solution, one of Colorado’s largest cannabis dispensaries, becomes one of the first to take advantage of legal cannabis and summer, pairing both and selling THC popsicles starting this month.

These popsicles are available in two flavors—Cherry and Grape—and are perfect for your 4th of July barbecue, or for laying at home because you’re too afraid of leaving your house and melting. As an incentive, The Green Solution will be selling popsicles for a penny on 4th of July only, so be prepared for a bit of a line on their 15 Colorado locations. Regular prices will be $2.45.

Via TGS Colorado:

A great choice if you need to stabilize your mood, reduce stress or alleviate pain. We always strive to create the best tasting products with the most accurate dosage, and our Cherry Icicles are no exception. Juicy berry and cherry flavor, followed by a relaxing high. Recommended for anyone who desires the potent effects of an Indica, but does not feel the urge to smoke. Our infused Icicles are available in 10mg doses. Icicles are Vegan!”

The Green Solution explained that their popsicles are infused with indica THC in order to provide uplifting and relaxing results that pair perfectly with outdoor activities and daytime consumption. Because who wants to smoke when it’s 90 degrees out?


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