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Toby Keith Favors Marijuana Legalization With ‘Wacky Tobacky’

Country music has a closer relationship to cannabis than many realize. Many stars have waxed poetically about their experiences with weed—and we’re not just discussing Willie Nelson. Recently Toby Keith joined the fray.

Then again, if it weren’t for Nelson, we wouldn’t have the classic anthem of “Weed With Willie,” courtesy of Toby Keith. In the song he wrote with collaborator Scotty Emerick, Keith sings about ending up on Willie’s infamous tour bus after a show. “My party’s all over before its begins … I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again,” he sings.

Not so fast, it seems. The man who made red solo cups famous is back with another party anthem. This time Keith celebrates the green with his latest single “Wacky Tobacky.” In the music video, you’ll never guess who makes an appearance on a tour bus while everyone sings about smoking weed. That’s right: Uncle Willie Nelson.

“Willie Nelson’s in the video. He didn’t sing on it, but he’s in the video,” Keith told News OK. He also added that he’s in favor of legalizing marijuana because “if you drink liquor you ought to be able to smoke weed.”

The song is about all the simple joys of lighting up. As he makes clear, Keith is in strong favor of natural cannabis, and against synthetic marijuana. “Homegrown is healthy, synthetic can kill ya,” he sings.

Listen to the tune above.


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