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Tommy Chong’s Expert Advice About America’s Vaping Crisis

 The member of stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong claims “the healthiest thing” to do would be smoke more marijuana and stop using vaporizers, because vaporizers encourage chronic use.

Since the legalization era, marijuana is undergoing one of its biggest crisis following reports of the vaping crisis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest tallies include 530 probable and confirmed cases with seven total deaths. Amidst the fear and confusion surrounding the vaping illness, one of America’s oldest stoners has simple, sound advice.

According to the comedian, “the healthiest thing” to do would be smoke more marijuana and stop using vaporizers. Part of the problem, in Chong’s opinion, is that vaporizers encourage chronic use. When you smoke flower, however, “you take a couple of hits, you’re good to go.”

“It’s that habit,” Chong told TMZ, when describing the problem with vaping. “You know when you scratch an old wound, and it just feels good to scratch it. Then you just make it worse and worse. Same with vaping.”

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But the comedian doesn’t believe the vaping illnesses is a “public health crisis.” Instead he called it a “publicity crisis,” with various political players using the illness to push forward certain agendas.

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“Think about it: They killed 40 people with AK-47’s and they’re not doing anything,” Chong said, referencing the school shooting epidemic. “They’re not even doing background checks. And yet six people die from vaping and now they want to ban vaping? Come on, get real. It’s all publicity.”

You can watch the full interview here.


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