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Your Zodiac Sign And Marijuana

Since the beginning of time man has looked to the stars for guidance!  What does the zodiac say about your cannabis use?

Across the globe and throughout history, human has liked to the skies for hope, guidance and help. Once considered a scholarly tradition, it is now seen more new age. Ancient Egypt is the first to give us the first Zodiac sign. As it spread across the globe the Western civilization chart aligned with starts and having Virgo, Caners, and Taurus among them equaled China’s assortment including Rabbits, Tigers and Dragons.  But what about your Zodiac sign and marijuana?

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There are twelve signs in a year and they are grouped into Water, Earth, Fire, and Air.  Some signs are more known than others – Virgos are known for beauty and brains, Taurus are diligent and determined , Scorpions are sharp tongued and loyal, and so on.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, The Fire Signs

These signs have varied relationship to getting high. Passionate, courageous and impulsive, their needs are a bit scattered. Aries are fast moving and action-oriented, so old-school being stoned is kind of antithetical to their essence. A strain to help focus is key is important.

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, The Earth Signs

Earth signs are probably the biggest stoners. Pragmatic, practical, logical, reliable, and honest, is important they walk little on the chill side. Considering they are closest to nature, the this signs have a high affinity for cannabis considering that they are the most connected to nature. Taurus season literally starts on 4/20. Because they hate losing control of their thoughts, Tauruses are far more into strains that will result in body highs.

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Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, The Air Signs

Air is the element of logic and communication and the mind so getting high is really about being able to have a different perspective and being able to see things in a different way. Their strong since of curiosity plays well with the THC sense of wonderfulment.

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, The Water Signs

These strong signs motivation to consume stems from their emotions. Their traits of being sensitive, tender-hearted and often psychic makes marijuana another tool in the skill set of personal enlightenment. Marijuana is a way for to either tap into feelings or tap out of feelings to avoid being overwhelmed. Cancers’ strong emotions can make them a bit intense and weed can be a good buffer from the world just to create a little soft pillow between them and their reality.


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