Demand For Legal Marijuana Everything On The Rise

The demand for legal marijuana products is still on the rise in America, according to a closely watched index report released earlier this week.

Cannabis Conferences That Can Help You Find A Job

The best way to figure out where you might fit into the industry is to attend a well-run cannabis conference.

Inside Canada’s Rocky Road To Legal Marijuana, Expected July 2018

Canada is on track to legalize cannabis in July 2018, which would make them the first industrialized country to go full legal.

Microdosing Marijuana Gets Even More Micro In Canada

Microdosing, the simple act of consuming less marijuana in order to achieve a milder psychoactive effect, has become something of an industry trend over the past few years.

5 Glorious US Vacations For The CannaCurious And Marijuana Enthusiast

Here are some of our favorite activities for the cannacurious and marijuana enthusiast that you can enjoy on US soil.

Scientists Figured Out What Makes Certain Types Of Weed Taste Different

Have you ever wondered why some types of weed taste different than others? What gives Purple Goo its lavender scent while Birthday Cake Kush its taste?

Cannabis Stores Increase Local Real Estate Value

In a report titled “Contact High,” researchers at California State University looked at the impact of cannabis legalization on property values in Denver.

A Conversation About Topical Cannabis Massages

On her website, Julie Crispin, a licensed therapeutic massage therapist based in Portland, OR, offers this definition for a topical cannabis massage.

4 Canadian Marijuana Stocks That Are Flying High

These Canadian marijuana stocks have been called the “big four of the North.” They are the greatest in the land when it comes to market caps and sales.

Dream Melts For Cannabis Chocolatier Hoping To Open In S.F. Mall

A sweet dream turned bitter for a San Francisco gourmet cannabis chocolatier on Friday when a swank shopping mall rejected its application.