The Latest In The Fight For Recreational Marijuana In Connecticut

As surrounding New England states legalize recreational marijuana, Connecticut lawmakers have been under pressure to explore legalization.

Back Off Jeff Sessions: Congress Includes Marijuana Protections In Bill

First implemented in 2014, the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment is the only document in place that legally prevents the federal government from conducting raids against and prosecuting members of the medical marijuana community.

Why KISS’ Gene Simmons Joined Marijuana Company Despite Anti-Drug Stance

Gene Simmons, a founding member of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers KISS and hard-core teetotaller, is joining Canadian cannabis enterprise Invictus the company announced this week.

Why Are Connecticut Wineries Fighting Marijuana Legalization?

A Connecticut businessman has come up with a unique argument against cannabis legalization: Giving consumers choice is bad for his business.

Forbes: Legal Cannabis Will Create One Million Jobs By 2025

Legalizing cannabis on the federal level would create 654,000 jobs in the immediate future and one million jobs by 2025. The move would also result in $105.6 billion in revenue between now and 2025.

What Happened? Cannabis Farmer Gets $1 Million Insurance Payment

Here's something that never would have happened without marijuana legalization: A California cannabis farmer received a $1 million insurance payout.

Suffer From Psoriasis? This Cannabis Cream Is Here To Help

An Israeli developer of cannabinoid-based therapies is ready to introduce a compound cream for the treatment of psoriasis and related skin conditions.

NBA’s John Salley Wants Clean Cannabis For Everyone

John Salley, the four-time NBA champion who played for the “Bad Boy” Detroit Pistons, doesn’t look like he’s aged a day since his basketball career ended with the Los Angeles Lakers.

California May Slash Marijuana Taxes To Lure Legal Consumers

California has been having trouble converting illicit cannabis businesses to legal enterprises and the black market appears to be as strong as ever.

3 Retail Giants Will Carry Products From This Cannabis Company

American Cannabis Company, a Denver-based consulting and ancillary marijuana products firm, signed a distribution deal to sell cultivation-related products through Walmart, The Home Depot and Amazon.