Wha? 7 Of The Strangest And Most Random Moments Of 2016

Here's a list featuring the most random and weird moments of the year that also fit well with the strangeness that was 2016. Thanks, Internet.

Did You Know That Listerine Can Keep You From Getting Gonorrhea?

A new Australian study discovered that Listerine can be huge in terms of the future of gonorrhea, aiding in the prevention of the disease, slowing the development of the bacteria, and influencing future treatment.

Here’s The Biggest Beer Trend To Look Forward To In 2017

Let’s agree: 2016 was awful. But 2017 can be better. Our pick for the biggest beer trend for the new year: the farm returning to the table.

TFT Fresh Playlist: The Very Best Singles of 2016 Edition

It’s an old joke but one worth repeating: 2016 might’ve been a bad year, but at least it had a good soundtrack. As we usher in 2017, it’s worthwhile to reflect and celebrate.

Frank Sinatra To A Young George Michael: “Loosen Up!”

After George Michael’s death on Christmas Day at the age of 53, a letter resurfaced...

#FoodPorn2016: Top 11 Food Hashtags On Instagram

when it comes to being a #foodie (nearly 50 million posts) who likes to take photos of #foodporn (107 million posts) we dug deep to find the top 11 hashtagged foods. These numbers are always rising, but as of RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND, this is how they stack up.

RIP Solo Cup Founder: 9 Ways The Plastic Chalice Changed The World

Robert Leo Hulseman, the 84-year-old inventor of the plastic red Solo cup, aka America’s “Natty Ice” chalice, passed away recently.

2016: Americans Are Cool With Mary and Jane Being Legal

Same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization are two social movements that have gained tremendous support over the last few decades. In fact, if you look at the progress both policy issues have made recently, you would think the two are related.

Are You Ready For New Year’s? 11 Bar Foods, Ranked By Yum

Bar foods are often cheap, or even free. They likely won't kill you. They may even save you. Here: the definitive ranking.

Marijuana Restrictions In The Olympics: Is It Time For A Change?

If you’re an Olympian and you’ve spent the vast majority of your early adulthood intensely training for an obscure sport that’s only appreciated on a mass scale every four years, you’ve certainly earned the right to catch the responsible buzz of your choice.