Thursday, December 9, 2021


The Latest On FDA Clinical Trials During COVID-19 Pandemic

The FDA has broken down several of its guidelines, creating a step-by-step resource for trials being conducted in language directly to study sponsors.

Essential Resources Every Health Care Practitioner Needs To Know

Whether you’re an administrator, HCP or organization, finding information that’s easy to access can be a feat all on its own.

Decontaminating Personal Protective Equipment: Here Are The New Rules

What once was disposable is proving to be healthcare’s greatest weapon against COVID-19.

COVID Emergency Relief: What Hospitals And Clinics May Not Know

While the COVID emergency bill is still in flux, one thing is certain: It’s changing healthcare for decades to come.

Can Hospitals And Clinics Draw From COVID-19 Relief Fund?

With rural hospitals being affected not only by growing coronavirus cases and funding issues, the money may not come in time to save many.

Breaking Down COVID’s Newest Rules For Admins And Billing Specialists

This approach streamlines billing for COVID, allowing hospitals and clinics to focus on their patients’ health and not highly-technical billing.

Patient Data Tracking: How Technology Is Evolving With COVID-19

Companies are stepping up and looking inward to create lasting solutions for a more agile healthcare community.

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