Make These Cannabis Vegan Sausages For Instant Comfort Food

Making your own vegan sausages is really satisfying, since you can not only customize the flavor to anything you wish. Add cannabis and it gets even better.

Your New Favorite Summer Drink: Cranberry Cannabis Cocktail

They are a quintessential New England staple. Cranberries are found in shallow, brackish water, waist deep at most, floating just below the surface.

Cannabis Cosmic Toast Is Your New Breakfast Obsession

The world is your cosmic playground when you’ve got yourself a carb-o-licious slice of this magic Cannabis Cosmic Toast.

Watch: This Operation Cake Actually Functions As A Real Game

There's a functioning Operation game cake recipe that's incredibly intricate, but the end result, if done correctly, is unbelievable.

How To Eat The Ugliest Fish Ever: Sea Lamprey

Often, they have lots of sharp teeth, pulsating gills, scales, antennae and weird holes coming out of places. But the sea lamprey.

Oil-Free Jerk Tofu Summer Rolls With THC Sauce

The filling can be anything from fresh shredded veggies to leftover chicken, but I brought the Caribbean flavor full circle with Jerk Tofu.

Cannabis And Rose Infused Honey Makes Everything Taste Fancy

Essentially all sweeteners have a glycemic action in the body, so even the lower calorie ones can still add up, so why not make your sweet worth it?

Creative Cocktails That Everyone Needs To Drink This Fall

Cocktail hour demands concoctions that currently embrace ingredients like cucumbers pickled in sake to hot chili and curry leaves in martinis.

Fry Bread And Cannabeans: History And Deliciousness

There is a lot of folklore behind fry bread and how it became a modern staple food for indigenous Americans..but add cannabeans and you have magic.

Make This Summertime Smash Hit: Cannabis Frosé

Introducing cannabis to rose is brilliant: the wine is low in alcohol and diluted down with ice and fruits. Cannabis frose is sure to please everyone.