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Christmas Tree Eyebrows Are Here Because IG Ran Out Of Things To Decorate

Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean we have to decorate every piece of hair on our body like it was a branch on a Douglas Fir. Or do we?

There’s a new beauty trend this holiday season that is even more ridiculous than “beardaments,” if that’s possible.

It’s called “Christmas Tree Eyebrows” and it can be traced back to Instagram user and lifestyle vlogger Taylor R, the same young woman who helped make “nose hair extensions” a thing. A much classier presentation, Taylor makes the decorated tree application look super easy. Basically, feather your eyebrows using a brow brush (and some gel of some sort) and then place some “ornaments” in varying positions.

Taylor R has a ton of Instagram followers, which means there are other who have contracted the brow tree virus! #christmastreeeyebrows is now its own hashtag.

To recreate this look, you’ll first need some bushy eyebrows. If you don’t have those, you can color them in with some colored eyebrow gel. Next, you’ll need some clear brow gel to shape your brows into a tree, followed by hair wax for definition. Using a brow brush, shape your brow hairs into a tree shape, using the corner of your eye as the tree “top,” which you can use concealer to shape. Draw tree “stump” with some eyebrow gel, “decorate” brows with decals using tweezers, and you’re done!

Taylor tells INSIDER that she can get her brows into tree formation in about 10 minutes because, after a lot of trial and error, she knows what products and techniques work best.

She says:

I think experimenting, trying out new things, and getting creative makes life more fun and enjoyable.

“I also love Christmas, A LOT,” she tells INSIDER. “So combining the two ideas is like a dream.”

Taylor’s original holiday eyebrow post has, of press time, nearly 50,000 likes.

And her YouTube tutorial? 131,000 views. Take a look:


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