How Drake Ruined Meek Mill’s Dinner Date With Beyonce And Jay Z

Even Hov couldn't resist the catchiness of 'Back to Back'

Photo by Mike Coppola/Staff/Getty Images

Imagine that the most popular rapper in the world wrote a devastating diss track about you that momentarily derailed your career. Then imagine you’re with your girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, who’s owned Billboard charts throughout her career, and you go on a double date. But it’s not just any double date. The couple you’re enjoying dinner with is Jay-Z and Beyoncé, only the most successful recording artists of the past 25 years.

Then that diss track that momentarily derailed your career plays during your double date. Want to make things more awkward? How about the fact that Jay-Z was responsible for said dinner date playlist, meaning he’d thought the song was so hot, he couldn’t resist bumping it through the speakers. Now imagine you’re Meek Mill in that situation, because that really happened to the Philly rapper. Awkward indeed.

“Hov and Beyoncé were like, ‘Come out to eat with us.’ Hov got the playlist and he’s clicking through shit and ‘Back to Back’ come on by mistake while we’re at the table,” Meek said amidst chuckling. “I’m like, ’Oh shit, what the fuck?’”

“Beyoncé, Hov, and Nicki just looking like they don’t know what the fuck going on,” Meek added. “I got to take a shit now. I don’t even know if they remember that, but shit, I remember that.”

Meek shared that story during a recent interview for Tidal’s CRWN series with Elliott Wilson. The interview also touched on Meek working on his new album “CHAMPIONSHIPS”, and his advocacy for prison reform. You can watch the whole interview here.

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