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Is This Why Meghan And Harry’s Nanny Only Lasted Two Weeks?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently hired a new nanny ⁠— not new in the sense that this is baby Archie’s first nanny, but “new” as in the couple had to replace their first one. Raise your hand if you even knew Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were on their second nanny.

It’s being reported the couple’s first nanny left after two weeks. Did she quit? Was she fired? It’s unconfirmed, but it sounds like maybe she quit because the Lady of the House had control issues.

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Australian gossip magazine New Idea spoke to a source that claimed, “Meghan likes to be in control of everything.

“She just can’t have anyone be alone with Archie. She’s ignoring help.

“No one has looked after him but her.”

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The source says Meghan won’t let staff near her baby. That does make it hard for a nanny to do their job. Maybe Archie can learn how to Face Time?

Harper’s Bazaar confirms that the royal couple hired a new (second) nanny ahead of Harry’s busy summer schedule:

While the couple are hoping to keep personal details of the new staff member private, BAZAAR understands that the British-born female nanny is not permanently based at Frogmore Cottage or working weekends.

While her personal details may be a secret (at least for now), the fact that she had to sign a non-disclosure agreement is not. According to CheatSheet, the NDA was an extensive hard-hitting legal document that bound the new caregiver to a life of secrecy. No tell-all book for the Sussex’s! At least not one from their nanny.

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